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Kaitlyn Wilson

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Owner/Founder of Reframed Counseling


As a social worker, I saw children suspended from daycare and schools, placements disrupted.


I witnessed young adults drop out of college or struggle to find their passion and purpose.


As a therapist I have worked with adults who yearned for a family but struggled to maintain healthy, positive relationships.


I worked with caregivers who wanted to change the cycle of abuse but struggle with confidence in themselves as parents.


These individuals did not have support and often times came to therapy with long lists of diagnoses (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder) and failed therapy attempts.


I have dedicated my career to changing this narrative and welcome you to Reframed Counseling.


At Reframed, I understand there is nothing wrong with you or your family. Rather something you experienced or are experiencing is impacting your behaviors and emotions in a way which feels too overwhelming to change without support.


With this practice I hope to build a community which reframes struggles into strengths and helps others successfully set and achieve goals.


Reframed Counseling provides healing focused therapy for anyone suffering from symptoms of trauma and stress such as depression, parenting struggles, social isolation, family or peer conflicts, defiance, isolation, anxiety, PTSD, self-harm, suicidal ideation, aggression, sexual identity challenges, mood and attention difficulties, lack of motivation and other related symptoms. 


However, it is my hope Reframed goes beyond typical therapy in ensuring everyone I work with feels empowered, better understanding their diagnosis, their symptoms and leaves with the skills and confidence to lead the life they desire.


An experienced therapist, supervisor, manager, consultant, resource developer, director and trainer across outpatient, community based, wraparound, residential treatment, and detention settings, I have several years of experience supervising and providing evidence based therapy around trauma, stress and adversity to diverse individuals, families, and the providers who care for them. I am trained in several trauma informed modalities and treatment techniques to support results oriented and customized treatment plans. I specialize in providing relatable education around trauma, stress, and adversity to support successful treatment.


I feel honored to be considered a part of your support system to help you reimagine your future.

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