Individual Therapy

Evidence-based, individualized therapy working collaboratively towards set goals

Family and Couples Therapy

Relational treatment working towards healing the family system as a whole

Licensure Supervision

Providing supervision to licensure eligible social worker interns and professionals

Groups and Trainings

Most people possess a strong desire to better their lives or the lives of their children but are unsure how to break from the cycles they are in.


We are all shaped by our life experiences, positive and negative. They create patterns in our behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. They impact how we form our individual identity. Sometimes these patterns can be viewed and stigmatized as problems, symptoms, or issues. They come in the form of PTSD, depression, anxiety, Reactive Attachment, aggression, suicidality, ADHD, and many other such labels.


As a clinician I support the client in better understanding how these patterns and symptoms have served a purpose, rediscover strengths, and translate this new understanding into skills and patterns needed to set and achieve goals.


I specialize in the treatment of symptoms caused by traumatic events, stressors, and adversities including, but not limited to, abuse, bullying, neglect, racism, poverty, domestic violence, and other life experiences for children 4 and older, adolescents, young adults, and adults under 65.  

I have extensive experience within the system working with children and families including work as a DCF caseworker, clinician in outpatient, in home, and inpatient settings. I have spent several years as a supervisor and director providing groups and trainings which have further supported my expertise. I help develop resources through The Foundation Trust including co creating, am a trainer and consultant through organizations including the Complex Trauma Training Institute. 



I have worked with youth and young adults in adoption./foster homes, juvenile detention, residential settings, transitional living, and within biological homes. With this experience I have worked to ensure the family as a whole also feels supported, heard, and provided with the education and skills needed to obtain their goals in addition to the clients. 


My services include evidence-based treatment modalities including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Attachment Regulation Competency (ARC), as well as utilizing art, play, movement and other tools tailored to the interests and strengths of each individual. 


Each individual or family working with Reframed will engage in a process which supports comprehensive understanding of their diagnosis and symptoms, a collaborative process of choosing a treatment modality which best fits the individual or family, and a results oriented treatment process leading to successful achievement of goals.